The Sports Betting Professor – Does it Really Deliver 90% Win Rates?

If you have been about sports betting for a little while, and the sports betting sports betting professor heard. If you were on the website would visit the following headline: Betting Professor.

The Sports Betting Professor

“Discover The Explosive betting secrets me win 90% of my betting system – PhD mathematician Creates Winning Formula “!

Does It Really win 90% of the system plays? From my experience, the answer is “NO “…. It is actually better than 90%. At the time of this writing here are the current entries:

Football (NFL & NCAA): 60-1 98.36% winning percentage

NBA: 26-1 96.30% winning percentage

Now just to clarify, these records will play on his system. Basically how they work on a 3-game progression. You start with an A bet, and if it loses your B bet makes up for the loss of your benefit A-plus audience. If the bet loses the bet B is a C, betting losses at A & B plus benefit your target audience.

Consider an example. Let’s say your goal, per row, then win bets would look like was:

Bet A: to win (with -110 odds)

Bet B: .10 to win (make-up of the loss of A + Bet the desired profit margin)

Bet C: 0.51, .10 to win (make-up of the A & B 0.10 + Loss Loss the target profit margin of) Betting Professor

*** Any loss is equivalent to about 8 wins (8.2 wins) ***

Here are the actual weighted results:

Football (NFL & NCAA): 60-8 52 Net Pieces

NBA: 26 -8 Net 18 Pieces

How much money can you win? Have


0 bettor earns earns 200

0 betting customers deserve 000

00 bettor, <000

p earned NBA

0 betting customers deserve 800

0 betting customers deserve 000

00 bettor, 000

Not bad for only A few minutes of work per day.

How the program work? All the pieces that are released are more than 15 years of past trends and statistics are based, but the best part is that you do not need to figure out the plays for themselves. The owner is Rich Allen you actually send the e-mail every day playing. There is not much easier. Well guys, I just wanted to share my experience with this sports betting professor. As the owner of a sports betting review site I have seen and tried a lot of systems over the years and this is definitely one of my favorites. There are a lot of takes, the results are excellent and Rich Allen is very accommodating, as he answers all his e-mails personally.You

a serious sports bettor or are just looking for a few dollars in the sports season then by all means should make the addition of sports betting professor, your betting systems. Good Luck! Betting Professor